ISA: stands for Individuals  Savings Account.

ISAs are a great way for anyone to save or invest up to $20,000 tax-efficiently each year.

you can open an investment ISA with Afourth, provided you haven't opened an ISA stock and shares ISA account on Afourth.

You can open an investment ISA with Afourth, with zero fees.

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With saving rates so low, now may be the time to consider an investment ISA, for a chance for better returns.

Proven track record

Afourth Group – the owners of Afourth Trading LTD– has a history that dates back to 2020 when we laid the groundwork for the world’s first fixed-odds trading & investment services. Since then, we have grown from strength to strength, garnering the trust of traders & investors around the world.

Licensed and regulated

Afourth is regulated by several entities including the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), the Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA), the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), and the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission.

Client Money Security

Afourth does not use your money for its business interests and you are allowed to withdraw your money at any time. All your money is segregated and held in a secure financial institution and our Offline storage wallet. In this way, in the unlikely event of Afourth becoming insolvent, all your money will be returned to you because it never merged with ours. No capital gain tax or income tax to pay on your money as it grows.

Risk awareness and management

Investing is exciting but involves risks and can lead to an addiction. At Afourth, we look out for our client's best interests and encourage them through our investment portfolios for secure and profitable trades. If you are new to this, we suggest you start up on our Junior ISA  Portfolio.

As with all investing, your money is at risk but with Afourth we manage your risk. The tax treatment of your investment will depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future. You should seek financial advice if you are unsure about investing.